Squad is a UK-based technology startup, building the next generation of community-based online commerce platforms to act as a bridge between WEB2.0 and WEB3.0.

SQUAD is introducing the WEB2.5 Social Commerce.

Squad Bazaar

We consider Squad Bazaar as the 3rd generation of E-Commerces, which converts social activities into a higher rate of selling for the merchants. Squad Bazaar is an eco-centric platform with features such as group shopping, live streaming commerce, NFT marketplace, etc.

Community OS

Community OS is a set of B2B tools and technologies that enables social media native brands, creators, and influencers to build and develop their unique communities, through which they can generate revenue and manage as a whole.

MetaTalent Dao

MetaTalent is a free 3-6 month training program organized by Squad. The graduates of the program would be known as startup generalists who would be connected to our business partners, i.e. D2C brands and creators on social media to help them with their digital needs. We are here to support the community.

The DAO stands for Decentralized Autonomous Organization, which means an organization that is managed very decentralized and everything goes decentralized. All people have the right to vote according to the activity they have inside it. Our DAO is part of the MetaTalent Ecosystem.


Why Squad?

Squad is innovating at the edge of technology. Squad’s services and products are designed for the new generation of Social Commerce. Join the revolution.

Is Squad a multinational business?
Yes, the team members of the squad are from different nationalities all over the world.
How can I invest in Squad?

If you want to invest in the squad, a meeting with the managers will be arranged for you to explain the business roadmap. After that, the contract and cooperation stages will be followed. Just email: admin@squadland.io

How can I become a member of the Squad team?

If you are a creative, smart and talented person and are also interested in the startup environment, you can work with us. Just email: hr@squadland.io

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