Bots always have been a problem for games that contain a method for accounts to acquire value. Gamers would create fake accounts to try to sell skins or rare items. And now it’s happening in the metaverse world of gaming.

Levan Kvirkvelia, the founder of Jigger, an anti-bot protection software. recently released a report saying that 40% of the player base of web3 games are bots. The study found evidence of 20,000 bots across over 60 web3 games. 

Throughout the years, there were always gamers who bought and sold accounts. Those containing skins or rare items, or even high ratings. This method is so popular that some do this as their living and how they pay their bills.


Of course, finding the sources of these bots in web2 is almost near impossible. Gamers often use VPNs to hide their identities.

However, in Web3, Kvirkvelia stated that they used the transparency of the blockchains. They link the wallets and create a pattern that is most likely to show who these bots are.

Kvirkvelia’s company Jigger presented that they detect bots and multi-accounts by linking wallets. Wallets that belong to the same person. Then they took a list of token holders, put them on a graph, and linked wallets using their algorithms.

They also report a list of several web3 projects with their average bot percentage. Some of these projects have over 80% bots, with even DeFi projects being targeted through the exploitation of referral schemes.

Jigger has also released a gallery of all the results on its website. Users can request a web3 token to be added to the analytics through a form on the page.


Head of Gaming at Polkastarter Gaming, Omar Ghanem, told the site CryptoSlate that he was unsurprised by the findings and results of this report.

Omar Ghanem said: “This comes as no surprise. the truth is, the data we have in the space shows almost 2M wallets have interacted with gaming dApps. – which is far from a good indication of REAL active players.”

Ghanem also stated the problem with the current state of web3 gaming, explaining that “one person can set up multiple wallets and play on multiple accounts. which this research has further proven.”

It’s true that the situation in the web3 world is not ideal. That is why the web3 industries have to move away from their current policy which is play-to-earn into play & earn. Right now two companies such as Xborg and Polkastarter gaming are the leading companies in the play & earn space. They are focusing almost exclusively on gameplay. These Play & earn mechanics often do not require a player to own a crypto wallet to get started and start having fun.

The Future

Also, this report is an advertisement for Jigger.  we can not hide the fact that the technology which they used is more than impressive. The ability to track, trace, analyze, and visualize blockchain data to reveal a hidden aspect of a dApps’ user base, is a powerful tool against fraud and manipulation. But as much as we all know it’s a long way to get there when you don’t have to be worried about these bots and fake accounts. As they have all been eliminated by a strict algorithm applied by big companies in this field.

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