Join The Metaverse By A 5 Step Guide

You know the potential and the future ahead of the metaverse and want to join in, but you don’t know how? in this article we will walk you through 5 simple steps to help you become a metaverse member.

The metaverse has been a new concept around the technology world, and many are interested to see where it’s going. But also many are worried as it will be a hard concept to understand. But don’t be fooled: many aspects of the metaverse have been around for quite some time, and are totally within reach.

Reality IS Reality

Metaverse Reality

Although we often speak about the metaverse as a virtual realm separate from our own. there’s no such thing as a border. Chances are that many aspects of the metaverse are already part of your daily life. So if you wish to join in, it’s good to recognize what’s right in front of you. Such as chat messages, video calls, live streams, search engines, virtual shop assistants, and perhaps even Alexa. While not precisely full metaverses, these tools are able to assist you. show you around the digital sphere, and help you connect with others.

Be A Gamer

Be a Gamer In Metaverse

You were probably expecting this one, but video games are excellent examples of what a metaverse can look like. The main reason is their ability to show us a fully developed digital world that anyone may join. As such, massive-multiplayer games with large open worlds (think the world of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV) tend to come closest to the idea of a metaverse.

Players can create an avatar to represent them, walk freely through a realm that only exists in the digital space, hang out with others, and partake in the game’s economy. Any orcs or elves are a nice bonus.

Try Virtual Concerts

Concerts in Metaverse

Start trying virtual realities. Try a Concert Or a birthday. Or an office meeting. The point is, you can try to use the digital realm for something other than gaming. Why not participate in a ‘real life’ event online? Roblox, in particular, has been experimenting with virtual concerts (with artists such as Twenty One Pilots and Lil Nas X) and even a Gucci fashion show. If you’re up for something more serious, you can also try to organize a work meeting in a digital office. Or wait for Microsoft to add 3D avatars to Teams in the coming year. They’re all steps towards the more immersive meeting experiences we expect to see in the metaverse.

Use Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality In Metaverse

However, we may not always need those avatars. On his personal blog, Bill Gates wrote that virtual meetings are expected to move from 3D avatars to actually being there yourself. Well, not physically, but with the use of VR goggles and potentially even motion capture gloves. Therefore, the next step to joining the metaverse is using VR. The Oculus Quest headset is probably the best available option, but you can also get a cheap cardboard version. If you go for the latter, you only need a smartphone and some VR apps or YouTube 360 videos. Tip: go for those with the sharks.

Explore More

NFTs In Metaverse

Unlike the currencies found in videogames, cryptocurrencies can be used in the real world. Mind that we’re not telling you to start investing, but rather to have a closer look. Coins like Ethereum, which are decentralized and accessible to anyone with an internet connection, offer a lot of new possibilities. After all, it’s not just trading: through blockchain technology, you might become the sole owner of a unique asset that doesn’t even have a physical presence. Think of a song, a digital artwork, or even a 3D virtual piece of furniture. If you’d like to browse through such non-fungible tokens (NFTs), the OpenSea marketplace is a good way to start. If you truly wish to take this to the next level, you can also join a metaverse experiment like Decentraland or The Sandbox. Joining is free, but do make an informed decision before you try to get yourself a virtual mansion next to Snoop Dogg’s.

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