What is
Squad Bazaar

Squad Bazaar is a social commerce super application that has started its activity on Web 2.5. People are able to use this application to buy different products. The Squad is a platform that gives particular importance to all environmental and sustainability issues. In this factor, we are aiming to be successful. This super application has unique features and advantages that is able to attract everyone’s attention. These features will be mentioned below.

Squad Bazaar Features

Recommendation engine

In this process, the engine finds the users interests and preference using the data it obtains from the user’s behaviour. It then displays these products on the feed so that the shopper is able to make their purchases more efficiently.

Gamification engine

Another exciting feature of the Squad Bazaar application is the presence of a game engine. In this system, when users visit the application daily, they receive prizes which provide a series of unique discounts.

Squad Bazaar Features

Social Connect

Thanks to our Social Classifier Module in Community OS, we connect our sellers' social media to the Bazaar super-app.

Group Shopping

Customers can team up and make group purchases together for highly discounted prices. They can also join existing teams.

Live Stream Commerce

Livestream shopping is used by brands to promote and sell products through livestreams on digital platforms, often in collaboration with influencers.


We have developed an in-house sustainability scoring system that assigns a sustainability score to every product that is being sold on the Bazaar super-app. Customer can filter only green products.

Social media

One of the advantages of the Squad Bazaar application is the existence of a social media space to increase interaction between users. This allows people to communicate and interact with their friends, whilst shopping.

Group Shopping

Buyers of different products can make a group purchase using a group purchase code, which is provided by the seller, whilst receiving appropriate discounts. This system will attract the attention of users. It is also one of the unique advantages of the Super Squad Bazaar application.

Live Stream Commerce

Another advantage of this application is the live stream commerce system, which creators can use this feature to their advantage by selling their products during their lives. This system will increase the level of engagement hence, increasing sales.


One of the things that have been of importance and focus to the Squad is the factor of sustainability and supporting products that do not harm our environment to help preserve this valuable capital. We have added this feature in the Squad Bazaar super application so that users can see exclusive products that align with protecting the environment and purchase if interested.

P2P Sales System

One of the significant advantages of the Squad Bazaar application is the P2P sales factor. Every user can have their own store on this application and are able to sell their own products. The Squad has also decided to consider a low commission percentage for sellers, allowing them to sell their products confidently.

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