Top 5 Most Significant Metaverse Virtual Worlds

Metaverse has been a hot topic in the past few years. Metaverse is a combination of costume-made realities. You can explore and create in these worlds but if you are a starter, where should you begin the tour?

Today, We will list the most significant Metaverse Virtual worlds for you to have in mind.

What is Metaverse? Simple Answer Only

Metaverse is a term used for combinations of Virtual Realities. Fortnite and Minecraft games are small but well-known examples of Metaverse Virtual Worlds. In these realities, you can be whoever you want to be. You can play and have fun or destroy things and be a criminal, either way in the end you will be just an avatar. but before jumping in you have to know a few more things such as what are these virtual worlds.

Fortnite Ariana Grande Concert Metaverse Example

The Metaverse Virtual Worlds, What You Should Know

For understanding this complex topic only knowing a few basics will be enough. The first part you should be familiar with is decentralization. Decentralization simply means that some parts of Metaverse are based on blockchains. in the real world, a single organization or a person controls the system, but in Metaverse whoever has the access to blockchains is an owner. The same goes for metaverse virtual worlds built with the blockchain.

Now that you know all the basics let’s jump to the main topic. The title of this article and why we are all here in the first place.

The Top 10 Virtual Worlds

10 Most amazing Metaverse Virtual Worlds




There are a lot of different metaverse worlds to choose from. But the following metaverse virtual worlds are particularly noteworthy.







Decentraland is one of the Virtual worlds which emphasizes more on ownership. At first glance, you can identify that it is a vast virtual universe. The kind that most people think Metaverse would look like. Full of rich forests, big cities, and beautiful skies.

Decentraland also has individual virtual plots. each plot is like its own Metaverse. Decentraland has 90,601 plots of land in the form of the LAND NFT.

When you own a LAND in Decentraland you can evolve it however you want. You can even merge multiple plots into one Metaverse world. And groups with similar themes can be linked together as districts to form shared communities around a single shared theme.


Horizon Worlds

Horizon Worlds on the other hand emphasize the gaming part of the metaverse. It is a virtual world created and provided by Meta.

Users can easily create their own environment and their own scripts. The ones that did have created one of the most fun and engaging games ever created.

Even some users have created environments just to hang out. Wand & Broom, Mark’s Riverboat, and Pixel Plummet are some of the most popular examples.

At the moment there are three options for users when they start up Horizon worlds. Users can choose to play, attend or hang out. Play lets people play games. Attendance is for attending events. And hanging out is for socialization.


Roblox has certain popularity as it mostly focuses on user-made content.  these content are games mostly and many recall Roblox as a gaming virtual world rather than its original purpose.

What’s unique about Roblox is that all games are made by users rather than the Roblox company. Roblox makes creating your own games easy, fun, and even potentially profitable. Roblox reports that an estimated 20 million games have been made within its metaverse.

many of the games are free and available for most users to have fun with. but users can also monetize their games and have a small income.  Some game developers and professionals have earned up to $1 million in a year by doing so.

Somnium Space

Somnium Space first launched in 2017. It’s a VR-based metaverse and it has 5,000 land parcels. However, as with most metaverse virtual worlds, space for land isn’t limited. New land can be added to Somnium Space as needed. One of the system’s most essential points stems from the fact that it’s tied to the blockchain. This makes it a full crypto world with easily defined asset ownership.

It’s also easy to buy land parcels ( also known as PARCELs). These lands can also be sold as standard NFTs on other systems. PARCELs also support new NFT placement within themselves as additional assets.


Sandbox began its world in 2012 as a regular video game, but when it was purchased by Animoca Branda and acquired company in 2018, it completely shifted to a 3D-based environment. Users could now freely roam the world as a 3D sightseeing experience. This also marked it becoming a crypto world after tying into the blockchain. In 2021 the system would evolve one step further and become one of the metaverse virtual worlds.

The Sandbox’s world consists of a large number of land plots set out into an even grid. Users can combine properties to create a singular whole. But the total amount of land has a firm limit. These land plots are typically sold on Binance using the SAND currency.

The Sandbox is particularly notable because rapper Snoop Dogg has his own mansion within the system and performs at shows. Virtual land near his estate sold for $450,000 USD.

Metaverse Combined Companies

Metaverse and its virtual world are very impressive. But many would wonder which companies brought this world to life. Some of the biggest names in modern technology are bringing their history of innovation into the metaverse. This includes Meta, formally known as Facebook.

Metaverse Vs Web3

These two terms mostly come together. that’s why most people think they are the same thing even though they are not.  you can learn about their difference and what web3 is through the article: The Real Difference Between Metaverse and Web3.

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