Visiting the Eiffel Tower in Metaverse

Can you imagine that you’ll be able to visit the Eiffel tower and the status of liberty simultaneously? Or even Nigeria falls too? Well, thanks to virtual reality and metaverse now you can!

Eiffel Tower in Metaverse: Introduction

A virtual land In the metaverse called “VR City” housing all the world’s most visited places. These places such as Niagara falls, the Eiffel tower, and so on will soon be open to tourists ( or visitors) with an opening of €2.

“Cyber Tourism” is the latest metaverse vastness idea and is already popular among people. You can describe it as a big gaming field full of famous buildings and sights that are as realistic as possible for visitors.

Metaverse in general

Virtual Reality (VR) is already expanding in so many eras. It has been popular in gaming and architecture and is now used by holiday destinations to drum up their customers. The idea is that this method will replace the traditional way and removes its expensive costs and entry fees. An amazing opportunity for people who love to travel but don’t have the time or money in this case.

Kamran Choudhary, metaverse expert at digital assets trading service BCB says,

“The aim here is to overcome traditional barriers to interaction such as time and space,” 

“This will allow the public to experience alternative travel experiences and services that may have been unavailable through traditional means”.

Is Virtual Reality and Metaverse the future of tourism?

Eiffel Tower in Metaverse

Big travel agencies like Delta Air Lines, Hilton Worldwide Holdings, and Qatar Airways have all branched into VR tourism. At the same time, experience-oriented resorts like Disneyland provide VR attractions for all the family.

Currently, VR is growing in popularity as time goes by so you can’t say for sure if it’s going to be the future of tourism or not, but you can consider the chances that many would choose VR instead of expensive holiday bills.

You can safely say that if this experience costs as cheap as they say, many will try it out at a get-together with friends or family to have some fun while experiencing what VR is capable of.

But we have to keep in mind that if you don’t have VR goggles or headsets it’s gonna cost you more, and if it’s only to try this metaverse land it’s not gonna be worth it. 

Even though I’m pretty sure that if metaverse continues to gain popularity with this speed, we will all have a pair of VR headsets in our houses like iPhones and MacBooks at some point.

Will people choose Virtual Reality and Metaverse over reality?

Studies show that Niagara Falls brings in 13 million tourists annually, and the Great Wall of China attracts about  10 million.

Meanwhile, the Taj Mahal, Eiffel Tower, and Colosseum, which also feature in the VR City, bring in between six-eight million each.

We all know that these experiences can never replace the real deal. for example, you see the Eiffel tower for the first time and get goosebumps all over you. But trying it out would never harm you as it’s a small taste of the future ahead of us.

VR in Metaverse

All I can say is that maybe not in the next 2 or 3 years but with time passing by as the 6th year or 7th year it would be possible that more than half of the population would try it out just to know what it feels and why it’s so hyped (as it will be like trends on Tiktok and Instagram).

What are your thoughts on this matter/ would you try it out?

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